The ANSI team is highly interdisciplinary, leverages a wide variety of expertise, and brings together many organizations at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This list provides a brief summary of the key staff involved with ANSI.

Leadership Team

Research Staff

Postdocs & Students



  • James Arnold, RS21 - geographic information systems (website)
  • Scott Backhaus, National Institute of Standards and Technology - experimental physics (website, publications)
  • Trevor Crawford, ERT Inc. - data analytics (website)
  • Aric Hagberg, LANL - applied mathematics (website, publications)
  • Miles Lubin, Google - optimization algorithms(website, publications)
  • David Métivier, École Polytechnique - theoretical physics (website)
  • Kostya Turitsyn, D.E. Shaw - theoretical physics (website, publications)
  • Tillmann Weisser - applied mathematics (website)