PowerModelsDistribution Enum Types

Within the PowerModelsDistribution Engineering Model we have included the use of Enums. Here we document the fields for which Enums are expected and the possible Enums available.

Data Model

Any place in PowerModelsDistribution that calls for specifying the data_model, either in function calls or the "data_model" field inside the data structure itself, will expect a DataModel type.

The DSS data model is an output of parse_dss, and is an untranslated raw parse of a DSS file. This Enum exists for use by count_nodes, where the method to count the number of active nodes is different between all three models.

Component Status

All "status" fields in the ENGINEERING model expect a Status type.

Connection Configuration

All "configuration" fields in the ENGINEERING model expect a ConnConfig type.

Load Model

For load objects, the "model" field expects a LoadModel type to specify the type of load model to use, where

  • POWER indicates constant power,
  • CURRENT indicates constant current,
  • IMPEDANCE indicates constant impedance,
  • EXPONENTIAL indicates an exponential load model, and
  • ZIP indicates a ZIP model

Shunt Model

For shunt objects, the "model" field expects a ShuntModel type to specify the origin of the shunt object, which is important for transient analysis.

Switch State

For switch objects, the "state" field expects a SwitchState type to specify whether the switch is currently open or closed.

Dispatchable Component

Some components can be Dispatchable, e.g. if a switch is dispatchable that means it is free to open or close, but if not then it is fixed in place, or if a load is dispatchable it implies that it can be shed in a run_mc_mld problem.

Generator Control Mode

For generator objects, the "control_mode" field expects a ControlMode type to specify whether the generator is operating in an isochronous mode (i.e. is frequency forming) or droop mode (i.e. is frequency following).